Design on a Dime- Week #1


October 5th 2017





The day has come! We got the keys to our new, old home.


Knowing very well what we had gotten yourselves into with the renos(some of them), something tells me that this place was needing a bit more cleaning than we had last remembered. LIKE a lot hours and hours..maybe days or weeks. Either we completely saw through the grime and right into this place's untapped potential or it had gotten worse since we agreed to buy it. Probably a bit of both. That happens in real estate. We deal with it.





Here we go..

Not trying to get too overwhelmed, but ready to get into the renos immediately ( and while my boyfriend Rob was still at work), I started ripping up the basement floors. 


after 2 hours...

okay, I'm impressed and very pleased with the progress at  this point. I ripped up around 800 sq ft, of flooring in the rec room and the living/dining. SUCCESS! Now I need a cocktail :) 



Free to good home!


Instead of paying to dump used flooring or any other salvaged house materials, consider giving them away for free on a website like Kijiji . Save yourself time, money and extra work, while also being environmentally conscious and maybe even putting a smile on someones face who was looking for just the thing that you're ditching. I got rid of 800 sq of flooring in 10 mins flat after posting an ad on kijiji. A guy came with a truck, hauled the flooring away and...  Another SUCCESS another cocktail...




Tiled fireplace skirt is gone. This was actually a time consuming and potentially very dangerous task. My Boyfriend Rob did this dirty work. With a hammer, chisel and a lot of patience. Most importantly, I CANNOT express the need for a pair of safety goggles MORE than with chipping out tile. You will seriously lose an eye if not. Safety first!  


Fireplace Facelift

This 20 ft long fireplace was just screaming to be painted. Being the focal point of a room that will be well lived in, we decided to paint it a matte white in the  Benjamin Moore: CHANTILLY LACE, to lighten things up a lot. 


Spray, roll or Brush?

Having asked a couple painters, some said using a  paint sprayer would save me so much time and effort. This method though would also would be messy, would waste an excess of product and I find that it was extremely hard to get the paint into every crack and crevice this way.  Another professional painter suggested a roller and brush combo, as he said that the paint is better placed and pushed into the brick via this method.


So to paint brick you either use a Masonry paint with a colour added in it or you a good old primer that sticks to brick, like Zinsser Primer and a regular latex overtop.


The way I did it:

I opted for the Zinsser Primer and latex,with a roller in one hand and a brush in another. SO, I went with the extra paint step and the longer painting method( try 4 days longer..).  I am a glutton for punishment like that, BUT I believe that the end would justify the means.


Extra hands..

My son, Quinn, eager to help 



Rob doing an awesome job on our pot lights. (Rob's a licenced electrician, and pretty much good at everything else too)   


coming into form...

pow! Will you look at how that baby is coming along? Fireplace was a pain in the @#$ but it's over with. Behind the fireplace, I choose a deep but clean looking colour to give some drama, contrast and warmth to the otherwise very large bright monstrosity of a fireplace feature. I choose Sherwin Williams INKWELL SW 6992, for a blue that was almost black but not quite. I love this colour soo much!! Also, notice the industrial but not too much so, sconces and Edison bulbs replacing those old yucky half shell wall sconces. Adding a perfect glow to the empty space on the fireplace wall and will give a cozy glow when we are cuddled up on the couch at night.


yes Costco!


Testing out our floor colour, before prepping flooring and laying them down.

I love Costco and really love a good product for a good price. We bought this laminate flooring from Costco made by Golden Select in the colour "Muskoka". We fell in love. 


and the home stretch....

                and HELLO BEAUTIFUL!!

                IF YOU NEED A REMINDER








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