Thrifty Furniture Makeover

Here's a style (and cash) savvy project that will easily transform a tired old chair into a new beautifully updated one.

I got this chair from a friend who had no use for it, I actually spotted it and instantly fell in love with the idea of doing something wonderful with it.

The upholstery was dirty and worn, the wood was gouged and scratched. Solid and sturdy as a rock though, I knew instantly ..."they don't make them like this anymore"

My first option was to try my hand at reupholstering the chair myself, but it's a very ambitious first project to take on if you have limited time and experience. Alternatively, I thought about hiring an upholster to re-stuff and upholster the chair, but coming in at around $400-600 for the work and having a dog, and 4 year who may or may not get marker or food on the new fabric, I opted for a more viable option- A little wonderful thing called Chalk paint.

Of course I didn't buy the chalk paint..I made that too:)  ( half motivated by frugality / half by determination) 

This is the Recipe that I used:

1 1/2 Cups Paint

1/2 Cup Hot Water

1/2 Cup Plaster of Paris

I dissolved the Plaster of Paris in hot water and then added the mixture to the paint( Plaster of Paris can be found at Home Depot, Rona, Lowes etc in the paint section)

Helpful Tips 

-you'll need a few coats, about 3- as the paint is thin and you'll need the extra coverage

-you can use a fabric medium to keep the fabric somewhat soft. You're painting fabric, so it wont be "soft" as the original was and it will feel a bit leathery

-sand in between coats- a light sanding will do.

-vacuum the sand dust before applying new coats....DON'T skip this step

-finish off with a Chalk Paint Wax....this protects the paint and prevents the fabric from cracking as well as softens the overall feel. It will feel like a waxy leather.

- I highly recommend doing this to  a piece that won't be sat on everyday. This is a cheap and fun project that will buy you time until you have to reupholster the entire piece again. Having said that, I've had my accent Louis chair in my bedroom for over a year and it still looks as beautiful as it did from day 1. 

Check out the results....


, Christine :)